August 2014

A generous millionaire decided to give some of his money away. He wants you to work on his farm every day for the month of July, but offers you two payment options. The first option is that he will pay you $100,000 every day. The second option is that he will pay you one penny on the first day and every day he will double what he gave you the day before. So, on the second day, he would give you two pennies; on the third day, he would give you four pennies, and so on. How much money would you have at the end of the month if you chose the better option?





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6th Grade – Early College

Math 6 & 7, Pre-Algebra,
Algebra I, II (Alg II w/ Trig), & III
Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics


6th Grade – Early College

Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Physical Science, Anatomy


6th Grade – Early College

Grammar, Research Papers, Literature

Test Prep

6th Grade – Early College


Foreign Languages

6th Grade – Early College

Spanish, French, Latin. Additional languages are available on request.

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Masterminds is always looking for bright, relational tutors. The primary subject demand is math and science; however, we have tutors for all subjects. Tutors must pass a skills test in the area for which they would like to tutor and complete our training.

In order to teach our ACT courses, you must have a college degree and complete our curriculum training.

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